Covid 19 as a Catalyst for Advancement of Digital Identity


Read the latest white paper from Charlyn Ho, Partner at Perkins Coie, where she discusses how COVID 19 brought digital identity into the spotlight and how it has so many more uses past the pandemic. The paper also specifically discusses the Indicio approach to digital identity. 

The Perfect Signature Style is the Enemy of the One that Works Today


Indicio Senior Architect Sam Curren talks about how BBS+ signature styles are not going to be ready for deployment anytime soon, but that shouldn’t stop you from building today in a way that allows you to add them later. He also touches on the pros and cons of waiting when it comes to the newest technologies, and why its usually better not to wait.

WINNER: Ken Ebert, Entrepreneurial Leadership Award, Enterprise Blockchain Awards

Congratulations to Ken Ebert, our CTO, for winning the Entrepreneurial Leadership Award at the Enterprise Blockchain Awards! Learn more about the awards and their significance here:

Verifiable Credentials are Coming to Card Payment Rails


Liquid Avatar Technologies announced Passmate. Learn how decentralized identity will transform the world by easily integrating into payment systems that already exist. In this blog we will take a deep dive into the technology and how these integrations will look for the end user.

Phocuswright panel on SSI and the future of identity and travel


Last week Heather C Dahl, CEO of Indicio participated on an executive round table panel discussion at The Phocuswright Conference 2021, titled SSI-The Future of Identity and Travel, along with Filipe Pereira dos Reis, Director Airports, Americas, IATA and Kaliya Young, Ecosystems Director, COVID Credentials Initiative, Linux Foundation Public Health. 

Indicio November Meetup: Driving Inclusion with Trusted Digital Ecosystems


In our next Meetup we will be bringing together John Ainsworth, CEO, Bonifii, Greg Kidd, CEO/Co-founder, GlobaliD ,Katrie Lowe, CEO/Co-founder, Domi Labs, Keela Rose Shatzkin, Healthcare IT Consultant, Shatzkin Systems Inc to discuss how to best drive greater digital inclusion including verifiable identity for government services, financial, healthcare, cross-border travel and more.

Upcoming Events


Here are a few events in the decentralized identity space to look out for.