Liquid Avatar Technologies with Dynamics inc and Indicio enable Point-of-Sales systems to use verifiable credentials through DIDComm


PassmateTM enables any business or facility currently using mainstream POS systems to deploy verifiable credentials to ensure that identity data and other high-value information can be authenticated in a secure, privacy-preserving way.

Enterprise Blockchain Awards


Indicio is a 2021 Enterprise Blockchain Awards finalist in the Blockchain Leadership Award: Entrepreneurial Leadership Category for our CTO Ken Ebert and the Blockchain Services: Tools and Middleware category for Indicio and Sita! Show your support by registering for the free-to-watch EB Awards and tuning in on November 16.

Indicio’s support for the W3C DID Specification and its path to standardization

The W3C’s DID Specification is critical to building a better digital world. The specification addresses an important gap in internet infrastructure — that of proving identifier ownership using methods that are distributed and decentralized. Filling this gap is a critical step towards realizing  decentralized identity…

Phocuswright panel on SSI and the future of identity and travel


For over 25 years, the travel industry’s most influential leaders from around the world attend The Phocuswright Conference – visionary thinkers and innovators with powerful, groundbreaking ideas among them. Join Indicio CEO Heather Dahl, November 17 at 11:20 EST for a roundtable discussion on the future of identity and travel.

Indicio November Meetup: Driving Inclusion with Trusted Digital Ecosystems


In our next Meetup we will be bringing together John Ainsworth, CEO, Bonifii, Greg Kidd, CEO/Co-founder, GlobaliD ,Katrie Lowe, CEO/Co-founder, Domi Labs, Keela Rose Shatzkin, Healthcare IT Consultant, Shatzkin Systems Inc to discuss how to best drive greater digital inclusion including verifiable identity for government services, financial, healthcare, cross-border travel and more.

Upcoming Events


Here are a few events in the decentralized identity space to look out for.