Bonifii increases financial inclusion with GlobaliD digital wallet and Indicio Network


Bonifii, the financial industry’s first verifiable exchange network for financial cooperatives, recently announced the Bonifii credential, a decentralized digital identity that provides underserved individuals with access to traditional banking services in a way that maximizes their privacy and security. Bonifii created the digital credential in partnership with GlobaliD, a trust platform and digital wallet. The credential is underpinned by the Indicio Network, a global network built on Hyperledger Indy for decentralized digital identity.

Blog: Identity Blockchains and Energy Consumption



Bitcoin has given blockchain the carbon footprint of Godzilla; but when it comes to identity, blockchain-based distributed ledgers are light on energy use and long on benefits…

Node Operator Spotlight: Anonyome Labs

Recently we caught up with Paul Ashley, CTO and Co-CEO of Anonyome Labs, a current Node Operator of Indicio, to discuss their current projects, some goals for the future, and where they think decentralized identity is heading.

Panel discussion: The Future of the Internet & Encryption


Our CEO Heather C Dahl recently spoke with a panel of leaders in the community, including Gentry Lane, Founder and CEO Anova Intelligence, Edna Conway, VP, Chief Security and Risk Officer, Azure at Microsoft, and Colin Constable, Chief Technology Officer, The @ Company for Global Encryption Day. The panel was also moderated by Dr. Henna Karna, General Manager Google Global Insurance & Risk, and Board of Directors Member, The @ Company.

Indicio November Meetup: Driving Inclusion with Trusted Digital Ecosystems


In our next Meetup we will be bringing together John Ainsworth, CEO, Bonifii, Greg Kidd, CEO/Co-founder, GlobaliD ,Katrie Lowe, CEO/Co-founder, Domi Labs, Keela Rose Shatzkin, Healthcare IT Consultant, Shatzkin Systems Inc to discuss how to best drive greater digital inclusion including verifiable identity for government services, financial, healthcare, cross-border travel and more.

Upcoming Events


Here are a few events in the decentralized identity space to look out for.