Mike Ebert biography

Mike Ebert is Director of Software Engineering at Indicio, where he oversees the company’s engineering teams and is responsible for the design and implementation of web-based enterprise and mobile agents. He also plays a key role in working with customers and incorporating their needs into Indicio’s roadmap of new features and technologies.

He is one of the most experienced engineers in decentralized identity, having developed many of Indicio’s key technical products, including Proven, Holdr+, the Digital Travel Credential, and Indicio’s implementation of Open Badges 3.0, and worked on key projects in travel, finance, health, and education.

Mike played an important role in creating Decentralized Ecosystem Governance (DEGov), from developing early POCs and standards to working with the Decentralized Identity Foundation to create a specification accepted by the community.

He is a key member of the Cardea Community Group, an organisation that utilizes decentralized identity for healthcare.

Prior to Indicio, Mike led a number of digital marketing agencies and technical development teams. He previously worked as co-founder of Luhnar, Senior Web Developer at DVO, Senior Web Developer at WhiteCanyon Software, Senior Web Developer at Perfect Search/IMAT Solutions, President of Alliance Web Marketing and Director of Technical Services at Sebo Marketing. 

Mike received a BS in Business Management and Marketing from Brigham Young University. He is also fluent in Russian.