As a public benefit corporation, Indicio is committed to advancing decentralized identity as a technology that will benefit everyone. To help people understand how this technology works, we are hosting Meetups once per month on a Wednesday, except holidays.

We started in December last year, and this Wednesday the 24th will be our fourth get-together. I would like to briefly share with you some of the highlights from our past events.

Our first Meetup on December 23, 2020 saw Sam Curren (@TelegramSam) present an overview of decentralized identity, Lynn Bendixsen talk about the Hyperledger Indy Network community, and Daniel Bluhm (@dbluhm_) give an overview of Hyperledger Aries.

Our second Meetup in January, 2021 discussed our newly open-sourced mediator agent, which makes it possible to communicate verifiable credentials to mobile devices via open source standards. Indicio’s Sam Curren (senior architect) & Daniel Bluhm (software engineer) dived into the details. The recording (highly recommended!) is here. 

Our February saw Mike Vesey, President of IdRamp, demonstrate how users of QiqoChat can take full control over their digital identity with a self-sovereign privacy-focused solution protected by state-of-the-art cryptographic blockchain security. Vesey showed just how easy it was to integrate verifiable credentials  with various communication tools. You can watch the demonstration here.

This Wednesday, the innovative app developers at GlobaliD  Alexis Falquier and Dev Bharel will show a brief video demonstration of their interoperable wallet connecting with, receiving a credential from, and verifying the credential with an agent on Trinsic’s studio. Sign up here!