Indicio Proven® offers a simple three-step process for integrating its decentralized identity solution into existing systems, ensuring efficient data sharing and security with support from the Indicio team.

By Aashi Srivastava

In today’s fast-changing digital world, the demand for fast data you can trust has never been more pressing. Indicio Proven® is a reliable decentralized identity solution that can help organizations create more efficiency around the complexities of data sharing and security. Let’s explore how you can easily incorporate Indicio Proven into your existing systems.

Indicio Proven is not a rip-and-replace solution. Instead, it’s designed to seamlessly complement your existing systems, offering a flexible approach to enhance data security. By integrating Proven into your infrastructure, you retain control of your data while gaining the benefits of decentralized identity solutions, allowing you to implement verifiable credentials. This flexibility enables you to use the power of Proven without disrupting your current operations, enabling you to adapt and evolve your data management practices to meet the demands of today’s digital landscape.

You don’t need a platform. You want control, making existing investments better.

Integrating Indicio Proven into your existing systems might seem daunting, but it can be broken down into a simple three-step process. Every step of this integration process can be done on your own or in collaboration with the Indicio team to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Step 1: Installation of Proven Issuer Software Agent

The process begins with installing the Proven Issuer software agent on your server. This software agent is the backbone of your credential issuance process and connects seamlessly to your data source or service via standard REST APIs.

Indicio Proven is designed to meet your comprehensive data security needs while ensuring regulatory compliance, offering a robust solution that covers all essential aspects of decentralized identity management. It prioritizes compliance with industry regulations, providing peace of mind and confidence in navigating the complex landscape of data governance.

Step 2: Connection and Issuance of Verifiable Credentials

Once the Proven Issuer software agent is installed, API integration allows for a seamless system connection from your server to the Issuer agent. The next step is to connect the Issuer agent to the data’s intended recipients or holders, including customers, employees, employers, and partner organizations. You can start issuing verifiable credentials to the recipients using an invitation URL (often in a QR code) to connect to the holder’s agent. The holder agent is a software app downloaded by the holder to their mobile device (Indicio Proven has a Mobile SDK for incorporating agent functionality into existing mobile applications). Your Issuer agent is connected to the Holder agent with a secure encrypted channel, ensuring the smooth transmission of credentials. These credentials contain encrypted data securely stored in a wallet under the holder’s control and typically on their mobile device.

Step 3: Verification and Transmission of Data

When connecting the Indicio Proven Verifier application to the holder via an invitation URL, holders can consent to share their data securely and selectively. The application generates a presentation of the data for their credentials, allowing the verifier application to receive and verify the data. The verifier application can also be connected via APIs to other services or systems to transmit the verified data and share the trust established by the systems, protocols, and cryptography.

Through the integration process, Indicio’s team of industry veterans will be by your side, ready to provide support. There are several options for assistance, including onsite, personalized training, virtual office hours, or collaborative coding sessions. Indicio ensures that integration is not a barrier but an opportunity for growth.

Integrating Proven into your existing systems does not have to be an intimidating task. It’s a step towards greater data efficiency, security, and trust.


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