Indicio TestNet

Your enterprise-grade network for exploring new ideas for powerful decentralized identity solutions.

The Indicio TestNet is a free to use community resource built on the open-source technology of Hyperledger Indy, Aries and Ursa. It provides a neutral, independent, and reliable decentralized network for the exchange of verifiable credentials.

Combine the TestNet with optional support from our team of experienced engineers, and you’ll have everything you need to start building on a network you can depend on!

Start writing to the
TestNet today!

To begin using the TestNet, follow these steps:

Create a public DID (decentralized identifier). This can be done with the indy-cli or with the Aries Toolbox or another app, or by following these instructions.
Then, click here to get the DID written to the TestNet.

Need some help?

For those that may need further dedicated support or assistance, we offer a range of support packages to suit your business and development needs. Eligible Node Operators receive one year of complimentary business level support.

Decentralized Identity Workshop

Hands-on learning designed to give your business or organization an in-depth, understanding of how decentralized identity works. You’ll create, issue, and verify a credential. Then we’ll show you how to design a proof of concept.