By Jason Garneau

Last month, Lynn Bendixen and James Schulte took a deep dive into Indicio’s three networks (DemoNet, TestNet, and MainNet), discussing how these Hyperledger Indy-based blockchain networks provide support for decentralized identity ecosystems. Each of these networks are composed of nodes, each of which contain a copy of the blockchain ledger that is used to verify decentralized identity credentials. Each network node is created and maintained by an individual or (as is more typical) a company or organization, and until now, spinning up and maintaining a node required them to build a server from scratch and host it on their own hardware. 

We now have a simpler solution, one that takes the technical challenges out of creating and maintaining a Hyperledger Indy network node—or an entire network of nodes. It’s called Indicio NoDe (Node on Demand), and it’s available through Google Cloud Marketplace.

With Indicio NoDe, anyone can easily participate in a decentralized identity network — or build their own network — using Indicio’s pre-built, turn-key solution and be up and running within minutes. It’s an effortless way to create the infrastructure for digital transformation.

Indicio NoDe eliminates the need to build a network node from scratch, which requires dedicated server hardware and specialized technical knowledge. By acquiring their network node from the Google Cloud Marketplace, companies save significant time and resources compared to building their own solution. They can also bypass the entire product development cycle and focus their time and energy on integrating the solution into their existing systems. Furthermore, companies can pay for NoDe in conjunction with their current Google Cloud services, creating additional cost savings. 

And with your node hosted on cloud infrastructure maintained and monitored by Google, you can be confident that the latest security patches are applied and emerging threats are mitigated.

As decentralized identity ecosystems drive digital transformation and create cost-saving seamless processes, Indicio NoDe from Google Cloud Marketplace provides an easy entry point to participating in and creating infrastructure for verifiable data. Our mission at Indicio is to make using verifiable credentials as easy as possible—and with Google Cloud Marketplace, decentralized identity has taken a giant step forward.

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