Indicio open sources a text messaging UI for digital wallets.

Technology provider, a public benefit corporation advancing decentralized identity software and solutions, today announced the public availability of the Indicio Wallet UI Design, a user interface for holding and presenting verifiable digital credentials. A finalist in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology ( S&T) Trusted User Interface (UI) Digital Wallets Challenge, the UI digital wallet design is now available in the Indicio public Github repository.

To date, most wallets that handle Aries-based credentials have focused on having the user navigate lists of items and an array of popups and notifications. The Indicio UI design concept is rooted in the understanding that the exchange of verifiable credentials isn’t simply about moving data, it’s also about creating and maintaining relationships. As a consequence, Indicio’s design placed all of the interactions into a single, threaded record whereby each party can communicate in plain language.

“Our wallet design is 180 degrees from the list-based or card-based approach to presenting the user with information,” said Scott Harris, Vice President of Business Operations, Indicio. “Instead, we focus on the relationship between a user and issuers and verifiers and we designed the interactions to use an interface that people are familiar with: the text message. A natural and comfortable interface allows issuers and verifiers to clearly communicate requests, offers, clarifications, and policies. It allows users to query their contacts and receive either a personal reply, or a ‘smart reply’ from AI or chatbot systems.”

As Indicio is committed to open source as a proven way to deliver complex, sustainable innovation and adoption across industry sectors, anyone in the open source community beginning work on their own digital wallet can now make use of the Indicio UI design and its associated elements and assets.

“Decentralized identity can give people unprecedented control over their identities and data online,” said Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio. “But it will only happen if people feel in control of the technology. That’s where good design meets great engineering. Good design is not just about creating beautiful things, it’s about giving people control over their lives, keeping them safe, solving their problems, and helping them achieve their goals.” is committed to being a resource hub for decentralized identity, providing enterprise-grade open source tools to get our customers, and the community, building solutions today. Providing the companies and organizations from diverse industries around the world rely on the work of for expertise in building and scaling their decentralized identity solutions.


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