Indicio’s Chief Technology Officer Ken Ebert on why Indicio’s open source solutions in Google Cloud will drive digital transformation

By Ken Ebert

The world of options for actionable, verifiable data is suddenly much bigger than it was. With the news that Indicio has joined Google’s Cloud Advantage Partner Program, there is now native cloud support on a global scale for implementing verifiable credential technology and building interoperable Trusted Digital Ecosystems. And there is no vendor lock in: Indicio provides fully open-source solutions through Google Cloud.

The initial products are Indicio Proven™, a complete open-source system for implementing verifiable credentials; Indicio Mediator, a reliable way to connect to mobile devices so that they can use verifiable credentials; and Indicio NoDe — or Node-on-Demand for Hyperledger Indy— an easy way to spin up a validator node for an Indy network.

With Indicio NoDe, we want to make it as simple as possible to either join a network — such as the Indicio Network — or to create one for production or testing. With Indicio Mediator, we’ve made it easy for, say, a wallet developer to test their agents and get into production quickly without having to develop their own mediator to connect to mobile devices. Indicio Mediator is also a way to manage connecting to agents that have strict firewall rules—essentially, speak to the mediator first.

Proven gives companies and organizations the ability to stand up an entire ecosystem on their own — or with our help. It has all the pieces needed, reduces the learning curve for the technology, which in turn reduces time to deployment, and, critically, lowers cost. And because customers fully own Proven, it provides a great foundation for customizing solutions to meet the needs of specific verticals.

Our goal with these solutions is to provide the shortest possible route to using verifiable credentials. Everything comes straight from the open source codebases but without customers having to master these codebases to use the technology.

Having a complete solution available through Google Cloud will accelerate digital transformation. Cloud availability is the path to adoption; and with fully open-source solutions, the path to continued innovation too.

The full power of decentralized identity is now on tap in Google Cloud Marketplace. All the privacy-preserving features are there. Making decentralized identity solutions easy to build and implement is the path to making verifiable data the new currency of business and social interaction online, bridging Web2.0 and Web3.


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