The Indicio Meetup Community comes together once a month to discuss some of the biggest news, trends, and developments in the decentralized identity space. 

By Tim Spring

Why attend?

On August 30, Indicio will host a conversation between Daniel Hardman, CTO of Provenant, and Sam Curren, Deputy CTO of Indicio on DIDComm V2 and its recently approved spec status by the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF). Daniel currently serves as the chair of the DIDComm user group, which is sponsored by DIF, and Sam serves as the co-chair. As both are immersed in DIDComm, they will be able to offer insight into why DIDComm V2 acceptance is a significant step forward for everyone using the internet.

What is DIDComm?

“DIDComm, short for Decentralized Identifier Communication, is a communications methodology that works with the decentralized design of DIDs to provide private, secure interaction…DIDComm provides the next step in decentralized identity: direct, secure communication between the owners of DIDs. Currently, APIs are the norm for communicating with online services; however, APIs favor those with the ability to provide highly-available online services; they are ill-suited to peer-to-peer cases where the endpoints are not highly available and the infrastructure costs must be low. In contrast, DIDComm enables peer-to-peer interaction with computers, phones, and even IoT devices.” – Decentralized Identity Foundation

What will you get out of it?

This conversation is an opportunity to question the experts! Come learn about DIDComm, how it is used and how it will be used, and, if you’re interested, how you can get involved in future projects. Register for the Meetup and find more details here:

For those who would like a crash course in DIDComm itself, you can prepare by watching Daniel Hardman’s excellent explainer video: