Join the growing list of forward-thinking companies and organizations across the globe who are actively building the future of digital identity. This is your chance to be a part of the newest and most dynamic network in decentralized identity technology, open for innovative developers and companies eager to bring their solutions to market.

At Indicio, we’ve seen a rapid rise in demand for robust, stable, and professionally maintained networks to support decentralized identity solutions. It’s not a surprise: decentralized identity’s moment has arrived. That’s why we’ve been hard at work creating Hyperledger Indy networks upon which developers all over the world are building, testing, and launching their solutions. Powering these networks are Node Operators— companies and teams from around the world and from various industries who are designing and launching decentralized identity solutions.

What is a Node Operator?
At the heart of a decentralized identity ecosystem lies the distributed ledger— a distributed database made up of multiple copies of a ledger, hosted by various nodes. In practice at, this means companies and organizations, together as a community, volunteer to run a copy of the ledger on a server that is under their authority. On the Indicio Network, we call these “Node Operators.” Together, these copies make up a verifiable data registry, from which credential issuers and verifiers can prove important information.

Set your solutions up for success by becoming a Node Operator

Be where the action is happening
We’re creating a community of doers, made up of companies worldwide who are creating digital identity solutions for use cases of all kinds, including banking, education, supply chain, travel, and humanitarian efforts. As a node operator, you’ll be on the frontline of the innovation, playing a leading role in this world-changing digital transformation.

Get access to resources
Node Operators are eligible to receive a complementary business support package for their first year in the program, including architectural guidance, best practice checks, an account-dedicated Slack channel, and a dedicated network engineer monitoring your environment and assisting you with your needs. We also help our node operators prepare their presentations and marketing materials for webinars and informational events.

Learn by doing
There’s no better way to get trained on how a decentralized identity ecosystem works than to play a critical role in the ecosystem itself. Supporting one of the nodes on the network gets your team a front-row view of how a network functions from the inside. We’ve seen firsthand how operating a node speeds up a company’s ability to develop and deploy their own solutions.

Take part in community events
Indicio hosts community events, such as monthly Node Operator sync-ups and spotlights, giving our Node Operators a platform to showcase, demonstrate, and discuss their solutions. We help keep our node operators up-to-speed by discussing new open source tools, improvements, network updates, and standards progress, as well as help them identify business opportunities.

Make identity simpler
The decentralized identity world can be daunting for newcomers and veterans alike. There are myriads of working groups, governance bodies, standards organizations, and cross-industry initiatives. While these all play a vital role in the development and adoption of the technology, they can often lead to “information overload” and distract your team from developing a refined, commercial-ready product. We’re here to help our Node Operators make sense of the tools and information available to them in the community, saving them valuable time, money, and resources. We don’t just talk the talk. We understand business demands and work closely with Node Operators to get to market fast.

Concerned running a node might be too challenging?

Our “Node Operator as Service” option can take care of your network needs, leaving you free to focus on building your identity solution and participate in the Node Operator community. Indicio can host your node on a service of your choice, maintaining it with business-critical updates.

Apply today and join a community of builders leading the way in digital identity innovation.