, a public benefit corporation, today announced the twenty-one companies backing its global network for blockchain-based decentralized identity. With each company hosting a copy of Indicio’s public ledger, the Indicio Network enables companies and organizations around the world to provide privacy-preserving ways of proving identity and authenticity to people, businesses, and even the Internet of Things.

“We’re thrilled to be a founding Node Operator on the Indicio Network,” said Greg Kidd, co-founder and CEO of GlobaliD. “Indicio’s enterprise grade network is a core part of GlobaliD’s vision for giving individuals ownership of their digital identity in a privacy-preserving way. With verifiable credentials, which are reusable and user-controlled, users and groups can carry their trusted credentials wherever they go.”

“Our customers require an enterprise-grade network to enable Zero Trust identity and passwordless authentication,” said Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp, also a founding Node Operator. “Indicio’s dedicated service and support provides the reliability and performance expected for production-ready decentralized services. This dynamic community of experts is helping transform the future of digital trust for business.”

The Indicio Network is composed of three networks, a MainNet, for deploying products and services, a TestNet for development, and a DemoNet for pilot and product demonstration—all three networks host the latest monitoring and service tools.

“Together, we’re working to build a better digital world,” said RJ Reiser, Chief Business Development Officer, Liquid Avatar Technologies. “Indicio Node Operators are creating a transformational change in digital identity, one that empowers users to manage, control, and even benefit from their digital identity and online data.”

Indicio Node Operators are spread over five continents:

GlobaliD, USA; Uphold, Portugal; ID Ramp, USA; Cynjatech, USA; Finclusive, USA; Xertify, Colombia; Snowbridge Inc., Taiwan; Entrustient, USA; Bot Ventures, Inc., Canada; BlockSpaces, USA; Blockster Labs, Anonyome Labs, Australia;, Romania; Liquid Avatar Technologies, Canada; Snapper Future Tech, India; Lorica Identity, USA; BizSecure, USA; Networks Synergy, Kazakhstan; Absolutely Zero Cyber, USA; Cysecure, USA; VERSES Labs, USA

Great companies interested in becoming an Indicio Network Node Operator can apply here.