The Indicio TestNet is a robust platform that’s free to use for developers, making it the best way to dive into the powerful technology behind decentralized identity.

By Tim Spring

The Indicio Network contains three networks: a MainNet for hosting solutions, a free DemoNet to use for business critical customer demonstrations, and a free TestNet for development and experimentation.

Using the open-source technology of Hyperledger Indy, Ursa, and Aries, the Indicio TestNet has a stable 100% uptime, is monitored by professional staff, and offers limited technical support (for greater technical support we offer a range of highly competitive plans).

Why Indicio TestNet?

There are several decentralized networks that offer some form of testing network. But here are a few ways that puts the Indicio TestNet ahead of the rest:

  • It’s free to use: One of the most important features of the TestNet is that we’ve made it free for developers to use — making it ideal for exploring, building, testing, and demonstrating your ideas.
  • It’s professionally staffed and monitored: We don’t rely on volunteers to keep our networks running — our networks are supported by engineers whose job is to ensure they are always stable and accessible.
  • It’s stable: We understand the critical importance of network stability; the Indicio TestNet clocks at 100% uptime.
  • Tools are already set up for ease of use: We have a monitoring tool and a scanning tool already implemented; they can tell you which nodes are live and what has been recently written to the network at a glance.
  • Cross-network test ready: We see a future of interoperable credentials and networks. Our TestNet is ready to test your interoperability with other products from other networks. Issue and verify on multiple networks, explore the possibilities!
  • Straightforward governance: We believe in simple and streamlined governance with clear principles and rules. You’re here to build — not hear us philosophize!
  • Indicio Network Consortium: For those that want to really dive into decentralized identity we offer the unique opportunity to host a node on the Indicio network as part of your mebership into the Indicio Network Consortium. This will give you hands- on experience running part of the network as well as significantly more technical support.
  • Community resources: Because our network is based on open-source technology, we have a repository of additional resources we can point new users to for general information and assistance. This provides a more immediate place to seek help with your project in addition to the more hands on support offered by our technical team.’s fully-monitored decentralized identity network is unique. Our staff have been involved in the development of Indy, Ursa, and Aries and now have the opportunity to share their industry knowledge with you.

Your decentralized digital identity business solution deserves a stable home with superlative support. You’ll find both at the Indicio TestNet. Contact us to learn more.