A protocol is a standardized set of rules for formatting and processing data.

What are protocols good for?

Ease of Deployment

Protocols provide a confidence in solutions working together smoothly, reducing the amount of work your team has to do to make your product work.


Protocols offer a standardized way to transfer information, allowing different groups and technologies to communicate.


Protocols allow you to know what the community has deemed important in a solution and know what to build toward.

Want to learn more about open standard technologies? Check out our Beginner’s Guide

Types of open standards

Indicio commonly refers to DIDComm, OID4VC, and Credential API protocols. Let us know if you don’t see the standard type you want to use in this list and we are happy to work with you to create the solution you need.

Business use cases for protocols

Financial Transactions

Faster, more secure payments, account access and more

Government Permits & Licenses

Quickly ensure only authorized personnel gain access to restricted areas and documents.

Education Certificates

Simplify sharing education documents and certifications

How Indicio can help

Indicio offers ready to use verifiable credentials solutions built using a variety of protocols to create as much of a “plug and play” experience for your organization as possible. Our team is also happy to work with you to build a custom solution using a certain standard if you have specific needs for your project.

A key benefit to building with Indicio is that our solutions are flexible and can be hosted and deployed wherever you want, whether that be on prem, google cloud, aws, azure, linode, digital ocean, and more.

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