Distributed Ledger Networks

A distributed ledger is a database that is synchronized and accessible across different sites and geographies by multiple participants.

What are distributed ledger networks good for?

These networks power decentralized solutions by providing three very important aspects to a network and how it shares data.


The data cannot be changed—by anyone. Having the schema change underneath a credential would cause chaos.

Tamper resistance

The network relying on many different servers being in sync with eachother makes it very difficult for a malicious actor to break in and change material because they would need compromise many devices across the network.

High availability

A ledger is distributed across many nodes with each containing a copy of the ledger. If one node goes down for any reason, there are plenty of others to receive data from.

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Interested in ledger alternatives?

Indicio can help you implement non-ledger alternatives if your project requires, some examples of these include: Trust registries, DID:Web, KERI, PKI, and more.

Business use cases for distributed ledger networks

Web3 Infrastructure

Easily share and verify data without the need for direct integrations

Financial Transactions

Faster, more secure payments, account access and more

Data Sharing

Send and receive sensitive data with confidence

How Indicio can help

Indicio hosts several distributed ledger networks built on open-source technology to create as much of a “plug and play” experience for your organization as possible. We can also build you a private network if that is what your solution recquires.

A key benefit to building with Indicio is that our solutions are flexible and can be hosted and deployed wherever you want, whether that be on prem, google cloud, aws, azure, linode, digital ocean, and more.

Benefits of building on open-source include on-going development and updates to the base technology, and a community of developers familiar with the space to avoid vendor lock-in for your project.

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