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Banks and financial institutions rely on traditional centralized systems and identity providers to authenticate customers and users. This can lead to slow onboarding experiences and fraudulent data. What they need is an agile approach to identifying their customers that meets regulatory requirements, removes roadblocks, and improves the customer experience.

Proven KYC from Indicio uses verifiable credentials to turn identity assurance into a global, actionable asset. Frictionless, privacy-preserving authentication prevents fraud, mitigates data privacy compliance, and improves customer experience. With verifiable credentials you can go from knowing your customer to proving who they are.

Learn more about how Indicio is using verifiable credentials to transform the financial services sector.

Healthcare IT is trapped in a Babel of paper and digital systems, struggling to deliver essential health services and information to those who need it.

Indicio Proven removes the headache of health IT and provides a flexible, powerful way to manage the 21st Century Cures Act. With privacy-preserving verifiable credentials that are easily integrated into legacy systems, patients can easily access, hold, and share their medical data. No third-party or complex integrations required.


With hundreds of agencies, offices, and jurisdictions overlapping at multiple levels, governments around the world struggle with verifying information and identity. Employees rely on multiple forms of identification to verify the identities of those who want access to government services, while those trying to access government services must navigate multiple bureaucracies, and repeatedly input the same data to each to get their needs met. Inefficiency, error, and fraud are daily battles.

Indicio Proven is the privacy-preserving way for government agencies to verify identity. It’s assured authentication without the need for personal data to be seen or held by a third party or checked over and over again. Easy to integrate into traditional systems and easy to use, the open source technologies behind Proven are a sustainable, cost effective way to streamline identity verification across government, employ zero trust security, and avoid expensive proprietary solutions. Turn a verified identity into a reusable, actionable, asset.

Learn how the government of Aruba is using verifiable credentials from Indicio for quick verification of visitor information.

Lines at airports, customs, and borders are longer than ever. Travelers are forced to share different combinations of personal information between multiple parties to get to their destination. Gate agents, employees, and government personnel are forced to verify a variety of documents with potentially dire consequences if they are forged or false.

From airport or train station to hotel or concert, Indicio Proven turns event attendance, hospitality, and travel into a seamless experience. Whether it’s saying goodbye to lines, streamlined border crossing, or fraud-free event ticketing, Proven’s verifiable credentials are a privacy-preserving way to manage complex documentation and processes without the compliance issues or complexity of third-party integrations.

The next step in decentralized mobile technology will be a leap forward in customer experience.

There are more smart devices than ever, each with its own security requirements and access policies, each with the potential to be hacked, malfunction, and taken over by malicious actors.

With Indicio Proven, devices and machines can have verifiable identities so they can be authenticated, permissioned, and meet compliance requirements—and all in a decentralized way, without third-party integrations or centralized data storage. Whether managing data sharing, drone flights, or service histories, Proven provides an easy-to use, easy-to-integrate open source solution for machine and IoT identity.

Watch how verifiable credentials are impacting the spatial web. See below for an example of verifiable credentials are being used by an Indicio customer to improve current, faulty, climate accounting systems.


Global manufacturers, importers, and enterprises rely on physical IDs and documents to manage their supply chains, including: compliance with various regulations, tracking products and goods, the identity of the people involved, and proof the payments have been made. This system of documents is inefficient, and each is a potential point of failure, prone to forgery or fraud.

Turn a global obstacle course of documents, regulations, and payments into a verifiable journey with Indicio Proven. The data in a verifiable credential cannot be forged, lost, or stolen. Identity, manifests, proof of delivery, invoices, and receipts are all verifiable at the click of a button using open source decentralized technology. Easy to integrate, easy to use, and with no lock in to expensive proprietary solutions, Indicio Proven enables you to know and trust your supply chain.

Included components

Mobile App and Mediator

Software to enable users to download, store, and use a credential on mobile devices.

Issuer and Verifier Agents

Software with managed hosting to connect, issue, and verify credentials; APIs available.

Verifiable Credential Schema

A flexible template for creating a verifiable credential written on open source and open standards.

Distributed Ledger Network

Configuration and deployment on the Indicio Network or a Hyperledger Indy-based network of your choice.


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