Border Management

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Quickly issue, share, and verify important travel information

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Allow easier, more secure border crossings with tamper-proof credentials.


Save time and money on travel paperwork and enable quick data sharing across platforms.


Reduce the time and energy cost of employee travel and remove the liability of needing access to personally identitying information.

Key Benefits

Tamper-proof: unlike paper documents these credentials cannot be falsified, any changes are immediately noticeable and the verifier checks to see that the issuer is a qualified entity.

Faster data sharing: credentials allow you to trust data as if it came directly from the issuer, removing the need for multiple checks and documents and allowing you to immediately act on it.

Lower liability: simple interface allows for users to keep any sensitive personally identifying data on their mobile device, and only share what is necessary, making storing and deleting it in a regulatory compliant way by the institution unnecessary.

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