Indicio NoDe—Node on Demand—makes setting up decentralized ecosystems and networks easy, helping businesses to quickly realize the benefits from verifiable data and identity. 

SEATTLE/ Nov 1, 2023–Indicio, the market leader in delivering enterprise-class verifiable data solutions, announced today the availability of Indicio Node on Demand 20.04 (Indicio NoDe 20.04) for deployment in the Google Cloud. Indicio NoDe 20.04 is the newest offering in Indicio’s catalog of products that enable customers to add verifiable credential technology to their existing data systems and applications. Google Cloud Marketplace makes it easy to set up and manage these solutions in just a few clicks. 

Indicio NoDe 20.04 is the first quick-to-deploy release of the latest Hyperledger Indy open-source code designed to run on Ubuntu 20.0. It can be used to create a network node that can be added to an existing Hyperledger Indy Network or used to build a new distributed ledger network. Enterprises, businesses, and organizations are taking advantage of these types of networks to develop and deploy verifiable credential ecosystems to increase trust and loyalty with their customers, partners, and workforce. 

“In a world where speed and scale matter, we’re making it easy and cost effective for developers, companies, and organizations to embrace digital transformation and build seamless processes with verifiable data,” said Heather Dahl, co-founder and CEO of Indicio. “We’re seeing enterprises and governments digging into this technology to deliver better products and services and better customer experiences. Products like NoDe help them do that by allowing them to do what they do best: create value and deliver value. We’re making transformative technology simple to integrate and use.”

Hyperledger Indy is an open-source distributed ledger that supports the use of verifiable credentials to create Trusted Digital Ecosystems. This type of enterprise blockchain allows public-facing identity information, including Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), revocation registries, and schema information to be written, for verifiable credential issuance and then read across multiple organizations simultaneously, for credential verification.

As the demand for creating independent Hyperledger Indy networks grows, Indicio NoDe 20.04, when combined with other monitoring and scanning services, provides core technology for a complete TestNet, DemoNet, or MainNet. These networks can be used for testing, demonstration, pilots, or the deployment of solutions using the tools and protocols offered in the Hyperledger Aries project community. 

Indicio currently offers complementary use of the Indicio TestNet and DemoNet. Indicio also offers private TempNet networks for stress testing products and services. The Indicio MainNet is a fully monitored and professionally maintained Network for paid subscribers. 

Contact Indicio for more information about the Indicio Network or for setting up your own complete Indy Network.