Break and rebuild your decentralized identity products and services with Indicio’s new TempNet

By Lynn Bendixsen

When we talk about decentralized identity solutions, we usually talk about public ledgers for anchoring and verifying credentials. But there are use cases where the best solution is a private network. This type of distributed ledger network requires a certain level of permission to write to or even to read from.

A private network allows companies and organizations with shared or specific interests to provide verifiable information only to their customers or stakeholders. You could use a private network to manage a supply chain, a specific geographic location, or—as with the new Indicio TempNet—do critical internal product testing.

With Indicio Private Networks, you have a quick and hassle-free way to spin up your own networks; and now with our latest TempNet offering, you have access to a   production-ready, lab environment for penetration testing, performance testing fixes, and private demos.

This is perfect for teams who want to test their mission-critical products or services to breaking point before public deployment. The key feature of Indicio’s Private Networks is that we take the responsibility for hosting, maintaining and updating these networks. Test it, break it, record it, demo with it, then when you’re done, you walk away and leave us to clean it up and decommission it.

But… maybe you want to keep your new TempNet network? No problem. We’ll switch it over to one of Indicio’s Private Network plans so you get continued maintenance, upgrades, and the tools you need to keep it running in perpetuity.

With years of experience in decentralized network development and management, our expert staff can build you a customized private network that meets your business or organizational needs—and we can do it in days, not weeks. We’ll show you how to run it, and we’ll provide you with all the engineering support you need.

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Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash