Indicio Email TDE


Use verifiable credentials to verify email and start building a trusted data ecosystem

Indicios Email TDE provides a new way to verify email addresses that easily integrates into your current identity management systems and workflows.

How Indicio’s Email TDE works

Indicio uses verifiable credentials to provide continuous assurance for email addresses. 

Available in a container or as a managed service, our Email TDE  is an easy-to-integrate, once-off process for verifying customer email addresses that can be relied on to deliver continuous KYC.

  • Keep your customer data accurate and organized
  • Communicate knowing the email is verified
  • No need for confusing captchas or repeated and cumbersome authentication processes
  • Avoid inadvertent spamming; make consent easy
  • Protect your team from phishing

The Indicio Trusted Digital Ecosystem
comes with everything you need

Verifiable Credential

Use a standard digital verfiable email credential schema

Issuer and Verifier

Simple software to connect, issue, and verify the credential

Mobile App and Mediator

Software, mobile app to download, store, and use a credential


Take the frustration out of implementation and onboarding with hosting by Indicio

Maintenance and Updates

Keep your system reliable and running smoothly with updates and testing

Support and Training

Get comfortable using Indicio Email TDE with workshops and ongoing support

Ask about Indicios customization options to make your Email TDE reflect your brand

The Indicio way:

Get up and running quickly — Freedom and flexibility — Experts on hand when questions arise


Indicio’s Email TDE provides robust and continuous assurance that you know who you are dealing with.
Say goodbye to bots and incorrect or out-of-date addresses. Direct your marketing resources to people who really exist.


Indicio’s KYC Management Tools are easily integrated into existing systems and deployed at any scale with our low-code, user-friendly interface. Verifiable credentials need only be created once — saving you and your customer from captchas.

Training & Support

Indicio’s Email TDE is a gateway into using verifiable credentials to transform your IAM, KYC, customer engagement, and marketing campaigns. Complex information flows can be coordinated using zero trust approaches.

Decentralized Identity Workshop

Hands-on learning designed to give your business or organization an in-depth, understanding of how decentralized identity works. You’ll create, issue, and verify a credential. Then we’ll show you how to design a proof of concept.

Indicio provides development and hosting for Trusted Digital Ecosystems. Enterprise, consumer, and mobile applications run on Indicio’s network and use its comprehensive ecosystem of software to issue, verify, and exchange verifiable digital credentials.

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