Indicio’s new Google Marketplace product enables mobile devices to communicate with credential issuers and verifiers in decentralized identity solutions that are built using DIDComm. Reliable mediation is critical to building a successful Trusted Digital Ecosystem that supports rich, trusted interaction models including the exchange of verifiable credentials. Indicio’s mediator has proven itself in deployment, is capable of handling scale, and will accelerate your implementation.

SEATTLE, August 28, 2023/ Indicio, the market leader in delivering enterprise-class verifiable data solutions, today announced the availability of the Indicio Proven™ Mediator on Google Cloud. This is a critical product for decentralized identity infrastructure designed for rich interactions, as it provides a way for mobile devices, which lack fixed IP addresses, to reliably communicate with credential issuers and entities that wish to verify the information presented in those credentials. Now available in the Google Cloud Marketplace, the Indicio Proven™ Mediator solves an important development challenge for teams using DIDComm-based communications, accelerates solution deployments, and ensures operational success. In addition to the rich protocols within DIDComm, Indicio’s products also support protocols focused solely on credential issuance and presentation such as OID4VC.

A mediator provides a cloud-based connection point to send and receive requests between mobile holders and credential issuers and verifiers. As the ability to hold a verifiable credential on a mobile device is central to sharing and verifying data, mediation is a critical element of any decentralized identity deployment using DIDComm. DIDComm based protocols allow individuals using a combination of mobile phones and other internet-enabled devices to be full participants in trusted interactions. Reliable mediation ensures a smooth interaction between all parties. The Indicio Proven™ Mediator comes from Indicio’s extensive experience in building award-winning Trusted Digital Ecosystems for enterprise clients.

“Mediation is an essential component to any decentralized identity deployment designed for rich interactions,” said Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio. “With the Indicio Proven Mediator, we’re providing Google customers with the result of our years of successful work on mediation — a product that reduces development roadmaps and deployment anxiety and enables you to grow your ecosystem solution to meet increased demand.”

Indicio open sourced the base code for the Mediator to the Hyperledger Foundation Aries project in 2021 and subsequently deployed a free Indicio Mediator for shared use to develop and test solutions. A key operational difference between the public Indicio Mediator and the Proven Mediator on Google Cloud is that the former is shared with other users and is unsuitable for business deployment where 100 percent availability is essential. The Proven Mediator deepens Indicio’s commitment to bringing open-source, Web3, decentralized solutions to the hybrid cloud, making it easier for customers and partners to confidently deploy enterprise-grade solutions. Indicio also offers a Mediator Agent Workshop to help teams gain a deeper understanding of Mediator technology. 

Indicio Proven™ Mediator joins Indicio NoDe, a quick-start solution for setting up and operating a node on any Hyperledger Indy network, on Google Cloud Marketplace, and Indicio Proven Sandbox, the easiest way to create and build verifiable credential pilots, demos, and architectures. This is the first of several releases that support a variety of approaches for implementing decentralized identity. Adoption of Indicio Proven™ Mediator in Google Cloud Marketplace can count toward any existing committed spend agreements with Google.

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About Indicio:
Indicio is the market leader in developing enterprise-class verifiable data solutions that optimize your existing systems ensuring digital privacy, efficiency, and trust. Through its flagship product range, Indicio Proven™, companies now have an easy way to integrate, implement, and scale decentralized identity and verifiable credential solutions, manage data privacy, and avail of enhanced, Zero Trust-enabling security. Specializing in applications for financial, healthcare, and travel markets, Indicio enables its global customers to create and use immediately actionable, verifiable data and implement Web 2.0 and Web3 digital transformation. Go to to learn more.