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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indicio Proven?

Indicio Proven is a complete Trusted Digital Ecosystem for sharing actionable, trustworthy data. 

Proven makes it easy to deploy decentralized identity solutions using verifiable digital credentials to authenticate and share high-value data,while preserving privacy and enhancing security.

Built on interoperable, open source technology, Proven makes it easy to configure self-sovereign and reusable identity ecosystems.

This complete, flexible system is designed to meet the customer needs of all industries, be easy to integrate into existing systems, and scale fast.

Is Indicio Proven built on open source?

Proven is the easiest way to adopt open source technologies. Proven delivers technology that has been contributed and incubated at the Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Aries, and Hyperledger Ursa projects at the Hyperledger Foundation,

Proven is also built with DIDComm from the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), and machine readable governance developed for the Cardea project at Linux Foundation Public Health. 

Building with interoperable, open source components developed on open standards prevents becoming locked into a proprietary solutions that may limit interoperability between your solution and other ecosystems. 

Open source is the most effective way to generate robust code and stimulate and sustain innovation.

What is an Agent?

This is the software Proven uses to connect, communicate, and verify. Examples of this could be between company and employee, hospital and patient, or machine to machine. Agents are either mobile or cloud based.

What network does Proven use?

Proven can be used on any Hyperledger-based Indy Network. As the market leader in distributed ledger technology, Indicio offers Demo, Test, Temp, and a Main networks for developing, testing, stress-testing, and launching mission-critical products and services — all professionally staffed and with the latest network monitoring tools.

Learn more about the Indicio Network here

I have a question about my Proven instance, who do I call?

Indicio Proven provides different tiers of global access to proactive, consultative support in accordance as outlined on the Proven Support page. Our experienced team of engineers provides guidance and consultation as needed. 

What technology is included with the Proven ecosystem?

Indicio Proven comes with everything you need to issue, hold, share, and verify digital information in one trusted digital ecosystem. Components include:

  • Verifiable Credential Schema: A flexible template for creating a verifiable credential using open source and interoperable standards
  • Issuer and Verifier Agents: Simple software to connect, issue, and verify credentials; integration APIs available
  • Mobile App and Mediator: Software to enable users to download, store, and use a credential on mobile devices. 
  • Machine-Readable Governance: Agent software to establish trusted issuers and automate information flows via governance files
  • Distributed Ledger Network: Configuration and deployment on existing Indicio Networks or any Hyperledger Indy-based distributed ledger network or a custom, public or private network. 
  • Support and Training: Continuous customer support, field-leading training covering every aspect of Proven and Trusted Digital Ecosystems
  • Maintenance and Updates: Managed updates and comprehensive testing to ensure maximum performance

Read about our approach to creating trusted digital ecosystems here. 

Can Proven fit into my current system?

Any system that relies on authentication of users or data can benefit from trusted digital information powered by Proven. Simply connect Proven to your directories or services and begin issuing verifiable credentials to anyone or anything that you would like access to it. 

Technical specs for Proven can be found here.

What digital wallet comes with Proven?

Holdr+ is a digital wallet and app for secure, trusted communication. Built using DIDComm and Hyperledger Aries Bifold, Holdr+ provides a simple to use mobile application for anyone to download for free so they can collect credentials, connect with others, and securely message with their connections.

Download Holdr+ now on Google or Apple

How do I update Proven?

Updates and patches are pushed directly to you by Indicio.

How many credentials can I issue with Indicio Proven?

Once you set up your Proven system, you can issue as many credentials as you want, verify as many credentials as you want, and hold as many credentials as you want, without added costs. 

Building with Indicio

Indicio supports the open source and interoperability goals of the decentralized identity community and is committed to advancing decentralized identity and trusted data ecosystems as a public good that enables people to control their identities online and share their data by consent.

For Indicio, as a public benefit corporation, it is our mission to honor the idealism of the open source community that brought decentralized identity technology into existence. This means builidng and open sourcing the infrastructure that we build, and making interoperability the compass point that directs how we build for others.

Contact us for information about how Indicio can build a Trusted Digital Ecosystem for you.