About SITA

Imagine a world where travel connects us all, hassle-free. That’s the world SITA has been shaping for 75 years. Back in 1949, 11 visionary airlines came together to create SITA and transform travel forever. From the beginning, our mission has been clear: to revolutionize the industry. We started by building the world’s largest data network and even contributed to the birth of the internet.

Since then we’ve constantly been adding more and more innovations that work for every airline and every airport across the world. We’re here to help pilots talk to ground control. Make check-in easier. Track down lost bags, and build a safer and more sustainable future of travel for everyone.

From the very beginning, our vision has been to reinvent travel and transport, pioneering innovations that touch the lives of billions of people. That’s why we say we don’t just build networks; we build pathways to the future.

Indicio provides development and hosting for Trusted Digital Ecosystems. Enterprise, consumer, and mobile applications run on Indicio’s network and use its comprehensive ecosystem of software to issue, verify, and exchange verifiable digital credentials.

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