AWS customers now have access to Indicio’s universally compatible and highly-scalable solution for decentralized identity, Open Badges 3.0, and W3C verifiable credentials.

Seattle/May 14, 2024: When it comes to data, “verify once and reuse often” is the key to reducing cost, improving efficiency, and delivering a much better user experience, whether its passwordless access, certification, KYC, or network security. Now, the leading solution for implementing verifiable data, Indicio Proven®, is available on AWS Marketplace.

Built by the global market leader in decentralized identity technology, Indicio Proven is a universal software solution that works with any system to implement verifiable credentials. It’s quick to set up, easy to use, and scales in a cost-effective way to meet any number of use cases and users. 

By using verifiable credentials to share data and identity, information can be authenticated without checking in with its source, meaning time-consuming processes reliant on trustworthy data can be instant and automated.

Indicio Proven provides simple, powerful ways to implement passwordless login, reusable KYC, and zero trust access management. And its award-winning privacy and security features provide a way to manage biometrics and avoid deepfakes. 

“With Indicio Proven, we’ve created a product that will drive digital evolution across every sector,” said Heather Dahl, co-founder and CEO of Indicio. “Think about all the inefficiencies, all the risks of fraud, all the compliance headaches around data privacy and protection we endure when dealing with digital and paper documentation. We’re now giving people a simple, elegant, trustworthy way to remove all this and streamline how data and identity are managed and authenticated. This means reducing cost, risk, and friction. It means increasing privacy, security, and trust. And it means delivering dramatically better customer experiences through seamless interaction.” Verifiable data is the DNA for a new digital era — and AWS customers now have it at their fingertips to create a wave of innovation.”

Indicio’s award-winning technology has become the gold standard for trusted, authenticated biometrics and data verification, and is currently deployed by customers in travel and hospitality, government, financial services, agriculture, and education. Rapid deployment into any platform or system means organizations can issue and verify data from any data source while implementing privacy-preserving and zero trust security architectures. 

AWS customers will also benefit from the flexibility and scalability achieved when deploying Indicio Proven on AWS Cloud with:

  • streamlined procurement and quicker deployment
  • extensive security validation
  • simplified billing 
  • discounts and flexible pricing

Expanding Indicio’s relationship with AWS means that developers in enterprises, governments, and organizations have powerful technologies to solve critical problems, create seamless, streamlined processes, and deliver digital transformation at scale.

Get Indicio Proven now in the AWS Marketplace.

Please visit Indicio for more information about creating variable data solutions in the cloud.


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