Indicio is demonstrating a “Governance Editor” at the Internet Identity Workshop in Mountain View, California, as the company collaborates with the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) on a specification for Decentralized Ecosystem Governance

By Mike Ebert

It can be jarring for people accustomed to conferences, but the Internet Identity Workshop—a biannual event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California—is an “unconference.” This means that the agenda is created live each day by the attendees who are present at the opening of each day; this gives you, if you’re there, the opportunity to set a topic for discussion. Attendees can and do pop in and out of discussions depending on how interested they are in what’s being discussed.

As with all conferences, un or not, the action is in the hallways and around the demonstrations, where conversations happen and take flight. And attendees this year will have the opportunity to talk to Indicio as attending staff demonstrate its new Governance Editor.

The Governance Editor is an easy way to create and implement the governance rules for issuing and verifying digital credentials in a Trusted Digital Ecosystem. Indicio has been working with the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) to write a specification for decentralized governance that is machine-readable.

This means that both the trust lists of trusted issuers of credentials and the rules for how the information in the credentials should be verified are written to a governance file. This file is then cached in the agent software for each issuer, holder, and verifier in a Trusted Digital Ecosystem, which means maximal speed for verification, minimal delay in updating approved issuers and changes to rules through file propagation, and, critically, the possibility of offline verification.

Decentralized Ecosystem Governance makes it easy to scale a Trusted Digital Ecosystem and use verifiable credentials interoperably across ecosystems and jurisdictions while observing hierarchical rules.

As often, it’s easier to understand the concept by seeing it in action, so if you can’t join us between Nov 15-17 in Mountain View, you can watch a video of the demonstration:

We also made a webpage with more information about the demo and with lots of links that will help you implement DEGov: