New Government Permits, Licence and Certifications product makes it easier to issue and verify any government permit, license, or certification.

SEATTLE, September 18, 2023 — Indicio, the world’s leading software development company delivering verifiable data solutions to government agencies and Fortune 500 companies globally, today announced the release of its latest, open-source product, which is designed to support issuing and verifying multiple types of government-issued permits, licenses, and certifications. 

The value of using verifiable data for these kinds of documents is that their source and integrity can be verified without either direct integrations between databases or relying on third-party data management. This removes error and the risk of fraud, solves data-privacy compliance, and enables seamless data sharing for efficient interaction across agencies, businesses, and jurisdictions. Credentials can be biometrically-bound to a person’s mobile device and software, preventing their misuse, and they can be programmed to expire or revoked if required.

For example, instead of relying on a third-party service provider or paper-based system to prove compliance with legal regulations for food handling, businesses and the individuals required to hold this type of permit can hold and manage a verifiable digital copy of their certification. They can present this credential, whether to an inspector, business, or to meet another compliance need, with a simple scan of a QR code, generated in an instant. This information cannot be forged, is easily verified, and creates a more privacy-preserving way to present the required information. 

Other Government-specific use cases include:

  • Government-issued permits: Individuals and businesses can now easily prove the validity of their permits to inspectors, partners, their employer or potential employer using a simple mobile verification application.
    • Food handler’s permit
    • Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) permit
    • Firearm permits
    • Building permits
    • Land use permits
    • State parks hiking permits
    • Burn permits
  • Professional licensing: Many businesses and professions require government- issued licenses to ensure proper training and help keep the public safe. Verification of the validity, dates applicable, and status are just a few of the many types of data that can easily be verified for:
    • Medical professionals
    • Lawyers
    • Accountants
    • Building contractors and other construction-related occupations
    • Barbers and cosmetologists
    • Architects and engineers
    • Real estate brokers and salespersons
    • Private investigators and other security services
  • State-issued certifications: Several professions require individuals to prepare to enter the workforce by providing the required information as specified by state regulations. Requirements usually include completing training classes and taking a certification test. Certifications include:
    • Teachers
    • School administrator or principals
    • Fire and Rescue Academy
    • On-site wastewater professionals
    • Food service
    • Body art
    • Home day care
    • Off-premise alcohol retailer
    • Pools
    • Septic install
    • Tanning
    • Temporary mass gathering
    • Tobacco & e-cigarette

“The development of verifiable credentials used by governments around the world is the biggest innovation in public sector technology in at least a decade.” said Heather Dahl, CEO, Indicio. “It will fundamentally simplify how governments engage with business and other organizations and their employees, allowing for the private and easy verification of a myriad of types of licenses and certifications. All that’s needed is a mobile app, and the technology takes care of the rest.”

Indicio is a leading provider of the decentralized identity with the largest collection of product offerings spanning multiple use cases. This technology creates  a verification layer for people, organizations, and things on the internet. It facilitates the use of verifiable credentials, a new, global standard established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), decentralized identifiers (DIDs), a new global standard for creating digital identities, public key cryptography (PKI), and distributed ledger technology. Indicio’s products for government use combine the W3C verifiable credential specification with open-source technologies from Hyperledger, and open standards for Open ID for verifiable credentials (OID4VC), machine-readable governance, and DIDComm communication ensuring smooth delivery of the newest and most well-tested features in verifiable credentials and best-in-class interoperability and scalability.

For more information about this product or to speak with someone at Indicio about this or any other products, please visit Indicio.