The Indicio Network is driving the adoption of verifiable data solutions around the world that revitalize Web 2.0 and create a foundation for Web 3.0. As we see continual growth in use of the network, our new Network Operator Consortium recognizes the innovative and transformational companies supporting the infrastructure behind this transformation.

By Jason Garneau

Over the past two years, Indicio has worked with partners worldwide to build the enterprise-grade infrastructure for creating, testing, demonstrating—and most importantly—using verifiable digital credential technology, namely, The Indicio Network.  These partners host a ledger – or “node” – supporting either the Indicio MainNet, DemoNet, or TestNet. This is a tremendous service that is supporting the emergence and adoption of decentralized identity, a way to make any kind of digital data shareable and verifiable in ways that eliminate fraud, protect privacy and enhance security. 

In appreciation of this  support, we offer our Node Operators free training, additional technical support, and discounts on using the decentralized networks themselves. Now, as we see month-on-month growth in network use amid growing worldwide deployments, it’s time to launch a new, expanded benefit program to meet this momentum and accelerate it.

We don’t just see the Indicio Network as a global utility for decentralized identity solutions: we see the community supporting it as a catalyst for each partner’s success — one that helps them get to market, find value, and realize the potential of this technology to change how we interact online.

This is why we are creating the Network Operator Consortium. Supporting a node on the Indicio Network is no longer a volunteer program with benefits, but an association that will be at the center of the global change we are now seeing — an association that will drive collaboration, help newcomers, and nurture growth. 

The benefits will still be there, of course, but as an association building the next stage of online interaction, whether through Web 2.0 solutions or Web 3.0 innovation, we will also focus on creating the kind of connections to drive this digital transformation forward. 

We want the consortium to be  a place for any company interested  in the decentralized identity space to come and learn about the technology, get assistance where they need it, and find that sense of community that will allow them to thrive.

As Heather Dahl, Indicio’s CEO puts it: “Decentralized identity started out as a solution to verifying people online but has quickly evolved to be about verifying any kind of data — and that is huge. It means that verifiable data is free to move around the internet. It means the future of the internet is as it once was seen. The companies supporting the Indicio Network are building this future right now through the infrastructure they support. It’s exciting. The opportunities are vast. And now it’s time to focus on these opportunities by connecting and collaborating in a consortium.” 

We encourage you to read our Network Operator’s page to learn more about becoming a part of the network operator consortium.