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Will Groah, is an Indicio board member, advisor, and investor, and plays a key role in shaping/supporting the company’s evolution and delivering shareholder value. Supporting Indicio’s board and executive team, and with the additional role of representing Indicio’s preferred investors, he helps guide and support the company’s executive team and the company’s strategic vision.

Will is an experienced entrepreneur, advisor, private investor, and board member. With only $1,000, he founded Technica Corporation, a U.S. defense and intelligence company, which he grew to over 300 people and $150M in revenue before exiting. He served in all phases of the company in various board and executive roles, including Managing partner, COO, CFO, and CIO. He directly hired the first 50 people and all C-Level executives, created all company department operations, wrote and won all of the company’s first, major, multi-year, multi-million dollar proposal submissions, and created and developed services and product divisions, employee and channel partner programs and team cultures.

As a private angel and LP investor/scout supporting several venture funds and networks, Will extends his expertise to a variety of ventures in FinTech, AdTech, SportsTech, health, and other companies aiming to improve national interests. Will is especially interested in companies contributing to Florida’s economy and communities and in U.S. companies that have global reach capabilities through information technology, including decentralized technology, AI, AI/computer vision, and cyber security architectures, and which are aimed at addressing significant market challenges. His active involvement in helping companies define investable problems, create new categories, and foster partnerships enriches his contributions to Indicio, bringing a diverse perspective and innovative solutions to the company’s core mission.

Will supports Indicio’s team by providing operational insights and advisory in specific business areas, including brand story marketing, category design, data monetization, technology business management, business and partner development, as well as serving as a mentor for early career staff.

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