Save your organization valuable development time while building digital wallet functionality right into your existing applications.

By Tim Spring

An organization’s digital app is often one of the most effective ways it engages customers. For example, the American Bankers Association found that 48% of bank customers prefer mobile apps as their method of choice for managing their finances.

Given this, you want to make sure of two things: One, that it offers easy-to-use features, and two,  that your customers stay on your app spending their time and money with you rather than going elsewhere.

Indicio designed the Proven Mobile SDK specifically to help you do both of these things.

Faster App Feature Deployment

App design and construction is not a simple process: for applications with multiple features, most sources say the average development time is nine months or longer. With this much time and money at stake, adding new features that require complex code changes is daunting, and it can be tempting to simply add on a third party application to achieve the required functionality.

But relying on a third party to handle features means sending your customers to that third party, reducing their time spent on your platform, and — crucially — losing control of their customer experience. For example, if you run a business and the only way to purchase something on your website is a third-party payment platform that is constantly buggy, the experience will be tied to using your website and risk losing you customers. People do not reward complexity and hassle online.

This is where the Proven Mobile SDK comes in. It helps you build digital wallet functionality directly into your existing application without your team having to reinvent the wheel. Built with packages for Swift, Kotlin, and React Native, your developers can add decentralized identity to your applications without the time commitment of learning new programming languages or practices.

But what functionality and features does the SDK add to your application that will enhance the customer experience?

Faster interactions through pre-verified data

Full digital wallet functionality allows you to hold and share verifiable data and identity information inside a digital credential — a “verifiable” credential. With verifiable credentials you can be cryptographically confident in who you’re interacting with online. Unlike passwords, verifiable credentials automatically share who issued them and who is presenting them in a provable way, as well as whether any information has been altered since being created, making them impossible to copy or steal.

Because these credentials can prove who you are on their own, they remove the need for the customer to jump through hoops when accessing their account, such as passwords, MFA, security keys, and more, letting customers move right on to what they came for.

Indicio Proven Mobile SDK in action:

One powerful use case for verifiable credentials is Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. A financial institution can do its full customer vetting for account creation, a business loan, or mortgage and issue them a credential containing the relevant information. This means that the customer can share that information in a way that is provable,  removing the need to repeat the expensive KYC process.

Schools can issue credential-based diplomas that allow students to share them without the need to reach back out to the school for verification; businesses can use them for both employee access management and customer loyalty programs; countries can allow their citizens to share their resident status for all kinds of things from travel to paying bills to proving residency.

In short, once you’ve met your initial identity assurance requirements, verifiable credentials can eliminate redundant paperwork and data input, and provide a simpler, streamlined, better customer experience.

And the Proven Mobile SDK provides all the pieces you need. In a fraction of the time. On any application. In whatever language your team is familiar with.

If you would like to learn how to get started you can read more about the Proven Mobile SDK, or reach out to our team.