Tim Spring biography

Tim brings years of experience with content marketing, event management, and process building to Indicio, and is responsible for the growth and scaling of Indicio’s content strategy.

With a background across several startups, Tim brings a practical approach on how to build processes to scale, as well as effectively create content for the target audience and increase engagement platforms, including websites, social media, newsletters etc. Tim has a dedication to direct, simple messaging that grabs the reader’s attention and is accessible to any skill-level of audience, positioning Indicio as not only a leader in technical development, but a great resource for knowledge as well. His interests include running, swimming, history, and new and compelling technologies.

Tim has held prior roles overseeing expansion and growth efforts for early stage companies, including doubling the operating area of a rideshare style app in a little under a year. In addition to marketing, Tim has experience in sales, recruitment, and team management.

Tim is based in Seattle WA and graduated from California State University Chico with a Marketing degree.