In a new White Paper from Indicio, Trevor Butterworth, Chase Cunningham, and Will Groah explain the importance of understanding how identity and security are connected and that a Zero Trust strategy for security can only be fully realized through a decentralized approach to identity. 

Zero Trust and Decentralized Identity

The concepts of Zero Trust and Decentralized Identity emerged in the early 2000s as responses to the escalating problems around data breaches and identity theft.

Zero Trust meant what it said: trust no one and continuously verify for narrow access to network resources.

Decentralized identity tackled the underlying reason digital identities couldn’t be trusted: the architecture of identity access and management couldn’t offer the privacy and security protection needed to protect personal data.

Any network defense could be broken if the identity of a user was compromised, and a system of storing user identity in centralized databases and using passwords for access was an endless source of risk.

Decentralized identity completes Zero Trust because it creates a seamless, cryptographic way to verify identity without centralizing personal data or needing logins and passwords, meaning that a network could always be certain of the identity of those trying to access their systems and could manage continuous verification in a maximally frictionless way.

Why then has Zero Trust largely ignored Decentralized Identity? Because security and identity teams often have different organizational responsibilities when a strong security posture means that both are inextricably linked. The authors argue, however, that without decentralized identity, Zero Trust cannot be fully embraced and implemented.

How can you get started?

The first step is to read the latest White Paper on this topic. The authors show how zero trust and decentralized identity can work together and the benefits your organization can receive.

Download today, or get in touch with our experts with questions or if you want to learn how you can bring zero trust and decentralized identity to your organization.


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