Scott Harris biography

Scott Harris is Chief Operations Officer at Indicio, where he oversees all the company’s operations and internal management systems. He has played a pivotal role in the company’s early growth by directly managing multi-million-dollar customer contract negotiations, leading to the successful launch of Indicio products around the world. 

Scott designs and implements Indicio’s policies and procedures to support its internal culture and keep it aligned with the company’s vision. 

Since joining Indicio in 2020, Scott’s focus has been on driving strategy and value creation through transforming business capabilities, critical analysis, and influencing outcomes for Indicio’s lead development pipeline.

Scott works in close partnership with Indicio’s Executive Leadership Team on a wide range of business initiatives and external engagement, in areas including business development, public advocacy and client relationship management. 

With extensive professional experience in championing effective safety management and streamlining technical processes, Scott also oversees Indicio’s business infrastructure operations, including financial and operational analytics to aid in strategic and tactical business planning. 

Scott also brings extensive domain expertise in aviation to support our customers in the air transport and travel sector. He holds bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Maryland.