Proven Workshop


Indicio Proven™ is a complete solution for authenticating and sharing information in a privacy-preserving and secure way using open source verifiable digital credentials. The Proven workshop from Indicio is designed to show a business or technical audience how to use it as a framework to use decentralized identifiers, verifiable credentials, and all their associated applications quickly and easily. This instructor lead workshop will focus on how will be able to configure the open source technology to your specific use cases. Participants will walk away with an understanding of how to best implement SSI for their needs and where to go for any additional help needed in customization. 

You will:

  • Discuss use cases, including how to best use verifiable credentials to communicate between different systems and sectors, such as between healthcare providers and the travel industry.
  • Learn how you will be able to customize the proven ecosystem to your specific needs and wants.
  • Leave the training with all your questions around verifiable credentials and how to get started answered

Duration: 2 hours

Up to 5 participants