Executive Education SSI Workshop


The Executive Education SSI workshop from Indicio is designed to show a business audience how decentralized identifiers, verifiable credentials, and all their associated applications and infrastructure make it possible to verify data without having to check in with the source of that data—and in a way that solves the problem of privacy. This two hour instructor-lead workshop will provide a business and technical grounding in self-sovereign identity (SSI) technology. Participants will walk away with an essential understanding of how SSI works, the pain points it solves for, the risks it mitigates, the use cases currently in deployment, and the opportunities that are created by being able to build Trusted Data Ecosystems (TDEs). TDEs bring together the essential components to solve problems with Web2.0 such as the vulnerabilities of user profiles, logins, and passwords, as well as the burden of data privacy compliance, and are available in off-the-shelf products that are easy to integrate with existing systems.

You will:

  • Discuss use cases, including how to best use verifiable credentials to communicate between different systems and sectors, such as between healthcare providers and the travel industry.
  • Learn how even the smallest critical trust issue can cause all sorts of data and identity risks, and how to solve your trust issues in a way that will generate new revenue and opportunities.
  • Leave the training with all your questions around verifiable credentials answered and confident to make decisions guiding your team around this new technology.

Duration: 2 hours

Up to 5 participants