DID:Indy Workshop


DID:Indy is a critical upgrade for Hyperledger Indy networks to bring them into alignment with the W3C DID Specification, and makes it possible for identifiers written on one network to be resolved on a different network. Once the upgrade is adopted by networks and agents, credentials issued from one Hyperledger Indy network or using agents from Hyperledger Aries are cross verifiable. DID:Indy represents scale, and drives the network of networks effect. 

After being awarded the BC Gov “Code With Us” Challenge, Inidico’s expert team led the development of the DID:Indy Method. Learn directly from the developers how to implement it and take advantage of it.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn about the background to the DID Specification and the need for a DID:Indy method
  • Participate in an interactive demo so you can see DID:Indy in action
  • Take a deep dive into the mechanics of DID:Indy 
  • Learn how you can implement DID:Indy yourself and update your nodes and agents.
  • Develop a plan to be in a good position for future iterations of DID:Indy

Duration: 2 hours

Up to 8 Participants



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