Privacy-first COVID verification technology takes a giant step forward with Cardea

Cardea, a complete open-source ecosystem for the exchange of privacy-preserving digital health credentials has been accepted as a Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH) project.

Paving the Way to Safer Travel

Indicio and SITA successfully trial a secure travel credential that is accepted by airlines, hotels and hospitality partners without sharing private health information

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Linux foundation public health

Cardea is a complete ecosystem for the exchange of privacy-preserving digital credentials, open sourced as a project in Linux Foundation Public Health.

Public health authorities, governments, organizations, and industries can use Cardea to enable people to maintain their privacy while holding and using an easily verifiable, trustworthy, unalterable proof of a health test or vaccination.

How do verifiable digital credentials work? A case study

We worked with SITA, the leading global provder of technology to the air transport industry, and the island of Aruba’s Health Department to develop a health credential that enabled visitors to proove they had tested negative for Covid-19.

Watch the demonstration video by SITA to see how verifiable digital credentials can work to reopen the world.


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