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Fast, flexible, and unlimited scalability

Issue and verify credentials in minutes on one of the most complete and powerful solutions in the industry, built on scalable open-source technology.

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Verify your work credentials anywhere

Quickly onboard employees with easy to use applications for issuing, sharing, and verifying employment status and more.

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Finally, Banking
Done Right

- Access and verify account information
- Remove usernames and passwords
- Simplify verifiable payments
- Reuse KYC

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Learn, explore, and innovate

Start your verifiable credential journey in a contained, supported environment combined with Indicio’s industry-leading educational workshops and superior technical support.

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Introducing Indicio NoDe: Node on Demand

Access Indicio’s industry-leading Node on Demand service for deploying and managing Hyperledger Indy network nodes, through Google Cloud Marketplace

Indicio’s Proven range of verifiable data products provide the privacy-preserving infrastructure you need for developing powerful, interoperable, and secure web3 solutions.


Customized Solutions

Adopt verifiable credentials at your own pace, built from open standards on open source technology, without being locked-in to a particular vendor or relying on expensive solutions.


The Indicio

A MainNet designed for mission critical deployments, TestNet for building, TempNet for stress testing, and a DemoNet for demonstrations. All with continuous technical support from expert staff.


Hosting Services

We provide hosting for enterprise-grade solutions, managed nodes as a service, and customized public and private networks—all with continuous, expert, technical support.


Indicio Learning Academy

Indicio is the leading provider of instructor-led training in open source decentralized identity. Experience our hands-on, customizable workshops for every skill level.


Business and Marketing

Access the support you need for every step of your journey as you adopt open source verifiable credentials. Get your project from pilot to production.

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Prove Anything.

Accelerate your digital transformation in a web3 world with Proven, a complete starter kit for verifiable digital credentials. Build trust into your existing systems, using open source components you fully own, to create complete Trusted Digital Ecosystems.

Issuer and Verifier

Simple software to connect, issue, and verify credentials;  APIs available

Maintenance and Updates

Managed updates and comprehensive testing to ensure maximum performance

Mobile App and Mediator

Software for users to download, store, and use a credential on mobile devices

Decentralized Ledger Network

Run on  the Indicio Networks or any public or private Hyperledger Indy-based network

Verifiable Credential

Templates for creating verifiable credentials using open source standards

Support and Training

Continuous customer support and field-leading training from industry experts

Indicio implements gold standard credential types, such as Anoncreds for privacy-preserving selective disclosure and predicate proofs. Indicio uses JSON-LD for publicly shareable credentials

Machine Readable Governance
Agent software to establish trusted issuers and automate information flows via governance files

Learn more

Introducing Indicio DeGov

Managing Trust in Decentralized Ecosystems

Decentralized Ecosystem Governance (DEGov) provides businesses, organizations, and governments with a powerful way to ensure accountability, manage complex information flows, and function offline while keeping verification seamless in verifiable credential ecosystems

Indicio customers are using verifiable credentials to…

    • Lower KYC and onboarding costs
    • Create new revenue streams 
    • Manage and share trusted device and asset data
    • Portable health information without direct integration 

What will you do with verifiable digital credentials?

Download Holdr+ today!

Indicio’s new mobile app to hold, connect, and communicate using your verifiable digital credentials

Success story: An award-winning verifiable credential solution for travel

SITA, the leading global provider of technology to the air transport industry, and the island of Aruba’s Health Department chose Indicio to develop a privacy-preserving digital health credential for visitors to prove they had tested negative for COVID-19.

The Indicio Network:
Enterprise-Class Indy Network

Depend on the Indicio Network, the premier Hyperledger Indy network for building and deploying your decentralized identity and verifiable credential solutions. Use the TestNet and DemoNet for FREE using the self-serve option, or use the MainNet for one, low price. Get started today!

A leader in open source digital identity

Indicio’s memberships and active partnerships

Indicio leads and is actively involved in many community standards groups and projects, promoting interoperability, innovation, and open source methodology.

Indicio strongly believes in the development of open source technology for decentralized identity applications, viewing it as key to adoption and scale

Indicio regularly contributes critical technology, knowledge, and insights to  open source community projects.

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Indicio develops enterprise-class verifiable data solutions that optimize your existing systems, ensuring digital privacy, efficiency, and trust.

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