Lynn Bendixsen biography

Lynn Bendixsen is Director of Security and Network Operations at Indicio, leading the QA Team and IT Teams. He is responsible for the management, upgrade, and configuration the Indicio Network, a global distributed ledger network for identity hosted on six continents. The Indicio Network is composed of a MainNet, DemoNet and TestNet, as well as the tools to help run them. 

Under Lynn’s leadership, the Indicio Network provides  the core infrastructure to some of the world’s most advanced decentralized identity implementations.

Lynn’s expertise is frequently in demand in the decentralized identity field, and he has produced both training materials and delivered workshops. He is co-chair of the Trust over IP Utility Foundry Working Group. 

Previously Lynn managed the Sovrin Networks for 2 years before joining Indicio. He managed, upgraded, configured, and tested new features for Sovrin’s BuilderNet, StagingNet, and MainNet. His volunteer efforts to keep the Sovrin networks operational during the Sovrin transition of 2020 was appreciated by many in the Sovrin community.

Lynn formerly held positions as Director of Technical Services at Perfect Search/IMAT Solutions and Software Engineer at Novell, Inc. Lynn holds a bachelor’s in science in Computer Science from Brigham Young University and in 2015 received an MBA from Brigham Young University.