Ken Ebert biography

Ken Ebert is the CTO and co-founder of Indicio, where he leads an award-winning team of decentralized identity architects and developers. Under his leadership, Indicio has been the driving force in decentralized identity innovation, solving many of the technical challenges to implementation and scale, notably through the development of robust cloud-scale mediation, mobile verification, and mobile SDK. 

Ken led the creation and successful deployment of the world’s first digital travel credential (DTC) based on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards in Aruba, March 2023. He also led the creation of the Indicio Network as the premier enterprise-grade global distributed ledger network for decentralized identity.

Ken’s approach as CTO has been to develop a universal solution for decentralized identity — Indicio Proven® — one that aligns with global protocols and standards while providing customers with the flexibility to deploy an approach that meets their needs and allows evolution and growth. 

Ken formerly held positions as Software Architect and Open Standards Engineer to the Sovrin Foundation, providing improved functionality and interoperability, such as rich schema support for the ecosystem, while also assisting community efforts to build and deploy the software. 

Ken previously held roles as Chief Technology Officer, Perfect Search/IMAT Solutions, Senior Manager Software Development/Senior Software Architect at Symantec, Founder/Director of Engineering for Senforce, Consulting Engineer at 3COM, Senior Software Engineer for Vinca/Legato, Senior Software Engineer at Novell, Consulting Engineer for IBM/Ford Computing Center, and Member of Technical Staff for ITT Advance Technology Center. 

Ken holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Brigham Young University