A must-attend interoperability event for anyone developing decentralized identity solutions using Hyperledger Aries.

By Tim Spring

What is it?

Join us on August 31, 2022, when Hyperledger Aries will host its first virtual, interactive interoperability event. The Hyperledger Aries Interopathon will give teams across the verifiable credentials community the opportunity to test how well their products and solutions interoperate. As previous interopathons have shown, this is an invaluable opportunity to find out if you need to fix anything.

The maintainers of Hyperledger Aries will provide a test environment that  includes Issuer, Mobile, Mediator, and Verifier Agents for participants to test against.

Participants will also be able to use the Test Harness — an automated way to connect two agents — and learn more about it, as well as offer feedback to improve the system.

If you would like to bring your own Hyperledger Indy network you are also welcome to do so.

The goal is to discover what needs to be done to ensure that all Aries projects are interoperable. Anyone interested in simply observing is also encouraged to attend!

Why is it important?

Interoperability drives adoption. The more verifiable credentials can be used across multiple projects and ecosystems, the more they will be valued and the more they will be used. It’s that simple.

This event will help developers  remove obstacles to interoperability.

 Who is this event for?

This event is aimed at developers, but anyone interested in decentralized identity is welcome to join.

Anyone interested in actively participating will need to be able to make a connection between agents using DIDComm connection V1 or Out of Band.

What will I take away from it?

Participants will leave with an understanding of where the gaps are in their interoperability, and hopefully an idea of where to begin fixing these gaps.

For anyone in attendance this will be an excellent opportunity to make connections, learn more about what it takes to achieve interoperability, and see some of the interesting projects that are in the works!

Where can I register?