Identity Insights brings you weekly news and updates on the development of verifiable credential and decentralized digital identity technology from Indicio and our partners.

By Tim Spring

Identity Insights was started with a simple goal: to create simple, educational videos for those who want to learn about decentralized identity technology, no matter their skill level. With each video between 10-15 minutes in length, the goal is a solid introduction to the concepts — with links in the description to additional resources should you want to learn more.

Each week, host Tim Spring is joined by one or more expert guests to discuss the latest developments in the decentralized identity space and how they will impact the end user or general public. With topics ranging from the technical — “What is on the Ledger Anyway?” — to event recaps — Our Internet Identity Week series — to “how to start a career decentralized identity,” the show’s wide coverage has something for everyone.

Naturally, many of our guests come from Indicio; but, we also like to  showcase what others in the community are doing with the technology, such as Bullet ID and GlobaliD. As we set up the interviews and guests for 2023, we are looking to bring new and unique points of view on digital identity technology and its many use cases.

Historically, this has been a show on the Indicio YouTube channel, and for those that want the full visual experience it will certainly stay there, but we have now added our entire catalog of episodes to several podcasting platforms—so you can listen on the go!

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A new episode is released every Thursday, so be sure to subscribe to stay up to date with the latest events, technologies, and use cases in the decentralized identity community!

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