Remove the need to set up and manage your own mediator so you can focus on helping your customers benefit from verifiable data and identity.

By Tim Spring

Indicio Proven® provides customers with powerful, scalable communication features that allow them to cryptographically authenticate the parties in any interaction before data is shared.

This secure, bidirectional communication between people and organizations using mobile devices is made possible by a mediator. It’s like a post office for a decentralized ecosystem: every message goes to the mediator, which is then able to find individual end users to create a secure connection and deliver the message. Mediation drives decentralized communication — and in a privacy-preserving way too, as the “Post Office” can’t open the messages, even if it wanted to.

With a hosted mediator in Indicio Proven®, customers can choose to let Indicio run the Post Office, which makes deploying a verifiable data solution faster, scaling it easier, and managing it simpler.

It’s also important to note that while we say “message,” we are not confined to simple texts or written messages. How you use this secure connection is largely limited by your imagination. Among the use cases Indicio has helped facilitate are offering proof of funds for financial transactions, sharing proof of membership for an organization or rewards program, and sharing proof of age for purchasing goods, without actually sharing birthdate or other personal information.

Historically, Indicio has helped customers set up their own mediator for management by their internal teams. Due to customer feedback, Indicio Proven® now provides this feature as a professionally-managed service. This makes Indicio Proven an even simpler and more powerful way to implement decentralized identity technology, enhancing scalability, ensuring uptime, and freeing users to focus on delivering transformative verifiable data solutions to their customers.

Whether your mediator is hosted and managed by your team or Indicio, the messages it delivers are private by design. Each message is encrypted to the end recipient, and is not visible to the mediator.

Who its for

This mediator service is for customers that just want to “set and forget” their decentralized identity solution. Indicio will handle the day-to-day management of any mediation your solution requires and ensure the mediator has the latest updates.

Why use Indicio’s mediator services

Professionally managed: Indicio has years of experience in the decentralized identity field and boasts a 99.97% uptime on our network. You won’t need to worry about the day-to-day specifics of mediation, but should any problems come to your attention you will have a direct line to a team that leads the development of the technology.

Built for scale: The new mediator service has been tested with up to fifty thousand simultaneous connections per customer, and our team can easily scale it to as many connections as you need.

Live message delivery: Often mediators will only allow for a momentary connection to an end user to deliver a message and then sever that connection. Indicio’s mediator service allows for users to stay connected to your service for a set amount of time, resulting in receiving messages faster and a better customer experience.

How to get started

Our team prides itself on setting our customers up for success. We have found a quick consultation with our team to align on goals for your solution to be the most effective way to learn more about Indicio Proven® and how you can best use the Hosted Mediator Service.