Indicio is proud to have been named by New York VC Network in their recently compiled list of the most exciting early-stage teams that they’ll be following closely this year!

By Tim Spring

This exclusive list is made up of recently founded companies that are now raising their Seed or Series A and have applied to theVC matching program in the past six months. Based on the space the teams are working in, they are divided into 5 categories:  HealthTech, Fintech, B2B Solutions, Consumer Tech, and Top Scorers in ESG.

The New York VC Network Rating Committee consists of current and former VCs, angel investors, exited entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 employees in M&A roles. The rating for companies is primarily based on two criteria. The first is the team’s past track record, mostly relying on founder profiles, past achievements, and their ability to gather a talented team around them. The second is the company’s current traction/scalability, based on the chosen market, current traction, and ability to scale.

The focus here was not on raised capital, but for insight these companies had already raised $3.4M on average (the median being $1.4M) and continued to receive more after applying.  More information on the full list, including companies, full company profiles, and contact information are available in the full announcement from New York VC Network.>