Helen Garneau biography

Helen Garneau is a co-founder of Indicio and Chief Marketing Officer, where she is responsible for developing and driving Indicio’s global marketing strategy, initiatives and campaigns, and helping it to become the leader in decentralized identity technology.

Helen oversees the creative and product management teams and is responsible for the global marketing, product development, and product launch strategies for Indicio’s portfolio of products and training services. She also helped guide Indicio through several key open-source contributions, including the Hyperledger Aries Bifold and the DID:Indy method. 

Under Helen’s marketing leadership, Indicio and its customers have been nominated for and received prestigious technology awards, including a SuperNova Award from Constellation Research. These have driven extensive enterprise and government engagement.

Helen is also responsible for community engagement. She developed Indicio’s successful monthly Meetups, which are regularly attended by business and technology leaders, and oversees Indicio’s conference strategy, which focuses on using thought leadership opportunities to drive business development. She is engaged in open- source community building as co-chair of the Hyperledger Marketing Committee at the Linux Foundation.

Prior to Indicio, Helen was the Vice President of Marketing for the Sovrin Foundation, helping to promote and evangelize the Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Ursa, and Hyperledger Aries projects. She was heavily involved in introducing several projects into the Hyperledger community and supporting their growth and eventual elevation to graduated status.

Previously, Helen managed consumer marketing for a cybersecurity startup and supported broadcast news coverage of the United States Capitol building for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Helen holds a degree in Political Science and Communication from the University of Washington.