Together, Indicio and SITA are changing how we travel — and in doing so, how we can share and trust data to make the world a better place. 

By Heather Dahl

I’m proud to announce that Indicio’s partnership with SITA is deepening with a new and important investment in our company.

Both companies have been on an transformative journey for the past four years: making seamless travel a reality. We have developed new solutions to the challenge of digitizing identity documents; we have set new standards for biometrics, data privacy and protection; we have won some of the most prestigious awards in the digital identity space; and, most of all, we solved one of the most challenging trust problems in the world: how to pre-clear passengers for immigration ahead of their arrival and get them across borders in seconds.

In delivering the world’s first implementation of a Digital Travel Credential (DTC) following ICAO standards, in Aruba in March 2023, we drew a map of the future. It’s a seamless world, where verifiable identity and data makes interacting with each other smoother, faster, and more secure — because we now have genuine confidence that identity and data can be trusted.

For airports and airlines and governments, that future is here, it’s happening right now; we’re implementing it. That is why our partnership with SITA is so exciting. It means global reach at the start of a new era. For travelers, it’s the end of rushing to wait. We’re freeing data to do what it can do when it’s trusted: Speed everything up, make everything simple.

But the technology we developed for the DTC is transformational for every industry, business operation, and service where identity and data need to be authenticated and trusted and where paper-based processes and traditional digital approaches are getting in the way of making things simple, efficient, and fast.

Because we’ve created the most powerful form of digital identity, that power can be used in so many innovative ways, big and small, to create better processes, products, and customer experiences. And because our solutions work on any system, we have an organic way to integrate identity and data across all sectors, creating spectacular new opportunities for innovation.

Travel is leading the way — but we are delivering exciting use cases from agriculture to AI, education to finance that are not far behind. Innovation in one use case feeds innovation in another. Suddenly, a landscape of borders — not just geographic and national — but sector and vertical, can be easily crossed. The digital world created by the internet is open when you can authenticate and trust. This is what we’re doing. And we’re tremendously excited about this investment because it helps to accelerate our development roadmap to deliver these benefits to all.

Indicio has distinguished itself by making our customers’ ideas become a reality. Our team members are world-class visioneers. So watch this space as we accelerate — and drop us a line if you’d like us to make your vision for a smarter, smoother, safer world real too.


Heather Dahl