Valuable benefit packages offered for free to deliver training, technical, and business support to drive Node Operator success.

By Sumiran Agarwal

The companies that run nodes on the Indicio Network are the tip of the spear in decentralized identity innovation: They support a decentralized network on five continents that delivers the performance and reliability needed for enterprise grade products and services. This is open-source collaboration at its best.

But what do the companies get for their service?

One view is that the end result is the reward. We all will, ultimately, benefit from the technology, so we should all contribute to advancing the technology. While most companies in the decentralized identity space are values driven, time and effort are required to host and maintain a copy of the ledger. Looking at doing this as a civic or purely altruistic gesture didn’t strike us as the right model for building a service that mission-critical transactions depend on.

Indicio’s mission is to advance decentralized identity technologies, and if we were going to create and inspire a community to do this through creating and running a decentralized identity network, we had to encourage and reward the work done by Node Operators with tangible, valuable benefits.

Thus began our Node Operator Benefit program 1.0, which began the learning exercise to determine what these benefits might be, and which was followed by 2.0, which advanced co-marketing activities and engagement with our node operators through better communication. 

Now, as the Indicio Network has grown to 28 Node Operators, we’re announcing a substantial upgrade.

Node Operator Community Program 3.0 adds five benefit packages that each provide education, technical, and business development support to meet the needs of a growing business. Each Node Operator, after three months of hosting a node, can take one free package per year. The monetary value of each package ranges from $2,000 to $4,000.

Package 1: Introductory Training

Indicio has emerged as the leading provider of education and training in decentralized identity technologies, with hands-on workshops to companies and to the wider community through the Hyperledger Foundation.

The Introductory Training Package provides two, 4-hour sessions on the basics of digital identity for groups of up to five people. It is an ideal option for companies, teams, and organizations that are only becoming familiar with decentralized identity, and want to understand the fundamental technologies powering it.

Package 2: Advanced Training

This package provides groups up to five people with two, 4-hour training sessions. The first covers the basics of digital identity and the second covers advanced decentralized identity technologies, such as Transaction Endorsement, DIDComm, DID:Indy methods.

Package 3: Architectural and Technical Exploration

This package is ideal for companies that need technical and/or architectural guidance to convert their business ideas into deliverable projects. Indicio’s senior staff will provide personal architectural and technical guidance based on the business needs of the Node Operator over two, 1-hour sessions supplemented with four hours of offline work by Indicio.

Package 4: Business Consulting 

This package is ideal for companies who are just starting out in this space or have new ideas and need a sounding board with industry experts. It consists of quarterly  one-hour business consulting sessions (four sessions per year) based on market deployments and trends. It will focus on navigating the complexities in building a successful use case and eventually a business. 

Package 5: Technical Support

This consists of ten hours of advanced technical guidance from Indicio’s senior staff. This is an ideal option for organizations that may require support as it works through a blocker or embarks on an update or the addition of an advanced feature.

Indicio has made advancing decentralized identity a core part of its Public Benefit Mission, and we believe that the way to do this is to nurture community success. We all benefit when our Node Operators succeed—and we will continue to identify and innovate ways to drive their, and our, collective success.

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