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Run a decentralized network for trusted data from the inside. Members of the Indicio Network Consortium join for free, get complementary training and onboarding support, and have access to extensive networking opportunities.

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Consortium members play a vital role in the Indicio Network. In practice at Indicio, this means companies and organizations volunteer to run a copy of the ledger on a server that is under their authority. This allows for multiple copies of the ledger distributed across multiple nodes that form a decentralized network.  A distributed ledger is the essential element for Trusted Digital Ecosystems.

Interested in joining the Indicio Network Consortium?

Benefits of joining the Indicio Network Consortium

For teams that may be new to decentralized identity network operations that are interested in joining this unique community of builders, Indicio offers a range of training workshops, including one especially for new members.
  • Join a group of innovative companies building the future of Trusted Data Ecosystems
  • Hands on learning of what it takes to run a decentralized network. Learning by doing.
  • Members are eligible to receive one year of complimentary business level service support while running your node with full best practice checks, your own private Slack channel for Q&A, specialized guidance based on your individual needs, and other exclusive business level support benefits.

After joining, you may select one of the valuable benefit packages offered for free to deliver training, technical, and business support to drive the success of the Indicio Network Consortium.

DID Fundamentals

Two, 4-hour sessions on the basics of digital identity for groups of up to five people for teams becoming familiar with decentralized identity, and want to understand the fundamental technologies powering it.

Advanced Education

Two, 4-hour training sessions on the basics of digital identity and more advanced decentralized identity technologies, such as Transaction Endorsement, DIDComm, and the DID:Indy method.

Business Architecture

Companies get technical and/or architectural guidance to convert their business ideas into deliverable projects.  Get personal architectural and technical guidance  over two, 1-hour sessions supplemented with four hours of offline work by Indicio. 

Business Building

Get quarterly  one-hour business consulting sessions (four sessions per year) based on market deployments and trends. Focus on navigating the complexities in building a successful use case and eventually a business. 


Tech Troubleshooting

Ten hours of advanced technical guidance from Indicio’s senior staff. This is an ideal option for organizations that may require support as it works through a blocker or embarks on an update or the addition of an advanced feature.


Become a Transaction Endorser

Businesses, governments, or organizations can apply to become a Transaction Endorser for the Indicio MainNet to endorse writes to the network. Sign up for one of the simple and affordable write packages for the Indicio Network. Contact us for more infomation!
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