Maya Kanahara biography

Maya is a facilitator, executor, and mentor. She is passionate about web3 innovative technologies and is currently working at Indicio to build an open source community around the Indico products. She owns all aspects of the Indicio Meetup group, as well as growing Indicio in the Japanese market. Her duties include synchronizing with stakeholders, executing programs to drive increased awareness, aligning with leadership to help steer the Indicio brand and providing speakers at events.

Maya brings over 15 years of experience in product development for tech companies like Twitter, Apple, and Autodesk to Indicio, in addition to being Managing Director at the SSI Incubator, the first incubator for decentralized identity. She was previously VP of Growth and Development at Digital Garage US, where she supported the Chief Investment Officer and built startup community at DG717. She mentors early stage startups at 500 startups, Alchemist Accelerator, Plug and Play tech center and Orange Fab.

Indicio provides development and hosting for Trusted Digital Ecosystems. Enterprise, consumer, and mobile applications run on Indicio’s network and use its comprehensive ecosystem of software to issue, verify, and exchange verifiable digital credentials.

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