The Web3 & Blockchain Transformation Awards (W3B Awards)  “recognize the exceptional leaders, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and service providers driving global blockchain transformation… [who have] made a measurable difference within their ecosystems and across industries.”

By Tim Spring

The Blockchain Leadership Awards specifically recognize people in the space who have displayed leadership in pushing blockchain technologies and initiatives forward across large organizations, governments, or enterprises. 

Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio was acknowledged for her work with SITA and the government of Aruba in developing a Trusted Digital Ecosystem for sharing health data, securely, in a privacy preserving way using verifiable credential technology supported by a distributed ledger network (in this case, the global Indicio Network). This technology is now being expanded to implement the International Civil Aviation Organization’s Digital Travel Credential,  which will enable seamless travel (See Heather’s recent blog on how DTC verifiable credentials will transform the experience of travel).

“At Indicio, I have the privilege of working not only with a brilliant team, who are capable of realizing a customer’s vision — I get to work with customers, like SITA and the Government of Aruba, who see the power of this technology to launch the kind of digital transformation that will deliver immediate and lasting benefits to consumers and businesses alike.” Heather Dahl, CEO, Indicio

Heather is joined in the Ecosystem Leadership category by Paul Brody, Global Blockchain Leader, EY, and Csilla Zsigri, VP Strategy, BTP. We wish everyone the best of luck and congratulations on being named a finalist.

Winners will be announced at the W3B Awards Gala in Toronto on November 8, 2022.

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